Eat This 1 Food First Thing in the Morning and Lose Weight Faster

Eat This 1 Food First Thing in the Morning and Lose Weight Faster

Lose Weight Faster By Eating This 1 Food First Thing in the Morning

As you know, the phrase, “a calorie is a calorie” is just plain wrong!

Besides the nutritional value of a calorie (green beans versus donuts, anyone?) there’s also the role hormone levels play in your efforts.

One of the most important hormones that you need to keep under control is your insulin levels. This is true not just for fat loss but also for health reasons!

With regard to fat gain, when insulin levels surge, your body has a tendency to store fat.

In order to keep those insulin levels in check, try this.

Eat a Grapefruit in the Morning!

Look, doing crazy things like going on a diet and eating only grapefruit is, well, crazy!

But eating grapefruit can help stabilize insulin levels in your bloodstream.

A study in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed that eating grapefruit helps to flush excess amounts of insulin.

A by-product of lower insulin levels is a slight suppression of appetite. When insulin levels are high, the brain believes it’s time for some energy in the stomach (energy means calories).

So you get a double fat loss bonus, lower insulin levels and curbing exercise calories.

Grapefruit also contains about forty calories, and some consider it a ‘negative calorie food’, in that it may take more calories to digest the grapefruit than the grapefruit contains.

Grapefruit also happens to be high in vitamin C.

In that study mentioned above in the Journal of Medicinal Food, those that had grapefruit before breakfast dropped a third of a pound per week.

Too much insulin equals too much body fat. And that’s not including the potential health problems.

Eat your grapefruit!

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